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Website analytics tracking and reporting

Website data is a valuable resource. But Google Analytics won’t give you information you don’t ask for. Deciding what metrics to use as KPIs and regularly monitoring them in an easy-to-read report will give your business better data to work with.

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Better data for the big picture

Our team will set you up to track the goals that matter most and configure your Google Analytics dashboard to meet your business’s needs. We’ll do the same for Google Search Console, which provides insight into how your business ranks in search results for specific keywords.

Whatever your priorities are, we can help you track the data that makes a difference for your business.

Complete Set-up

You know which numbers matter most to your business. We’ll make sure Google knows, too. Based on your goals, we’ll configure Google Analytics and Search Console to track the information you need.

Custom Dashboard

Data analysis can be a time-suck. Let our team do the heavy sifting! We'll create a customized dashboard in Google Looker Studio that summarizes your business’s key metrics.

Monthly Updates

Your website and business goals change over time. We provide monthly edits to your tracking codes, conversion settings, and dashboard so your reports stay aligned with your vision.

Analytics Dashboard Investment

Initial setup of your custom analytics dashboard with website tracking is $900 and the ongoing reporting is $1,000 per year (or $90 per month if paid monthly).

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