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A Different Kind of Web Agency

As a woman-, queer- and disability-owned Certified B Corporation, we intentionally create positive economic, environmental, and social impacts for our community. 

The Unity team gives back to the education community by collating materials into binders for teacher to us in the classroom..

Certified B Corp Since 2017

We’re proud to be a Certified B Corporation, which means our business implements practices and promotes policies that benefit people and planet. We hire local talent, volunteer company time for community service, and donate at least 5% of yearly profits to one or more North Carolina-based 501(c)3 nonprofits.

Here are some ways we demonstrate our B Corp values:

  • Supporting working families and their children, as evidenced by our Family Forward NC certified employer designation.
  • Implementing an equitable pay structure across the organization.
  • Intentionally partnering with mission-aligned organizations to advance each other’s work.
  • Using the Kolbe Index to acknowledge and value one another’s differences in ways of thinking and doing.
  • Minimizing carbon emissions through an eco-friendly hosting solution and sustainable design practices.


To learn more about what being a B Corp means, visit the Certified B Corporation website.

Annual Impact Reports

B-Corp Logo
Family Forward NC Certified Employer
Proud partner of EarthShare North Carolina

Our Core Values

As a diverse team of experts, our core values unify us as we work together to create websites that bring people together.


Embrace differences

We acknowledge and value individuals for their uniqueness, design and develop inclusive solutions, and remain open and flexible to change.


Lead with love

We strive to make a positive impact, operate with empathy and respect, engage in collective leadership, and support others’ success.


Create with curiosity

We seek opportunities for improvement, explore and learn without presumption, and approach challenges with a beginner’s mind.


Invest in the greater good

We consider the long-term impacts of the choices we make today, empower others, and give back to our communities through service and donations.

Your Accessible Web Team

When you work with a small team, you get all-hands-on-deck. We work together, each of us leveraging our individual zones of genius, to ensure your success. The Unity approach allows us to respond to change and meet your unique needs as we create together.


Alisa Herr

Founder & CEO she/her

Andy Marino

Lead Developer he/him​
Angela Angela's friends

Angelia Liu

COO she/her
Bud Bud's dog looks at him wanting to take a walk.

Bud Northern

Lead Designer he/him
Kimberly Kimberly is a natural storyteller

Kimberly Albritton

Client Coordinator she/her

Josué Rodriguez

WordPress Developer he/him/his

Noel Nielsen

Marketing Specialist she/her/hers

Partners & Suppliers

When it comes to running our own business, we promote positive environmental and social impact. Prioritizing B Corporations, minority and women-owned businesses, environmentally-friendly businesses, and local businesses, we carefully select partners and suppliers who value quality and integrity as much as we do.

360 Impact

Services: Strategic Business Guidance
Woman-Owned Business
Certified B Corp
Raleigh, NC, USA

Bark Media

Services: Content Marketing
Woman-Owned Business
Certified B Corp
Lawrence, KS, USA


Services: 300% Green Web Hosting
EPA Green Power Partner
Agoura Hills, CA, USA

Liles Law

Services: Legal
Woman-Owned Business
Raleigh, NC, USA

Noel & Co

Services: Marketing Strategy Consulting
Woman-Owned Business
Certified B Corp
Raleigh, NC, USA

Rutledge CPA

Services: Accounting
Woman-Owned Business
Wake Forest, NC, USA