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About Tilting the Lens

Ireland-based accessibility consultancy Tilting The Lens helps companies take action toward incorporating accessible practices across every area of their business. To mirror the work they do, we created a truly accessible WordPress website designed to be intentionally inclusive of diverse abilities.


Our Objective

We sought to create a clean, WCAG-aligned website that showcased their work, provided access to free resources, and demonstrated best practices in digital accessibility.

How We Achieved It

  • Minimal pages with easy navigation
  • Mass market media coverage and client testimonial homepage features
  • Searchable resource library
  • Dark mode functionality
Tilting the Lens
Screenshot 2023-09-11 at 10-57-37 Tilting the Lens Accessibility and Inclusion Consultancy
Screenshot 2023-09-11 at 10-58-27 Tilting the Lens Accessibility and Inclusion Consultancy

More About this Project

All of our websites are built with love in the heart of North Carolina, but the impact of Tilting the Lens reaches far beyond our state, and even our country.

Founded in 2020 by Sinead Burke, a Disabled educator and author, Tilting the Lens is driven by a single question: “Is this accessible?” They partner with Disabled people to design inclusive solutions for major global brands.

Unity Web Agency is a Disability-led company focused on making the world (wide web) a radically inclusive space, so we were particularly excited to support Tilting the Lens.

Our work won two Web Excellence Awards in the categories of Accessibility and Consulting!


Web Excellence Award Badge: Accessibility & Consulting