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Last updated January 25, 2023

This Service Level Agreement (“SLA”) describes the standard level of service that all customers who submit support tickets can expect from Unity Web Agency LLC (“Unity,” “we,” or “us”). This SLA runs in conjunction with Unity’s Master Service Agreement, the Hosting Service Level Agreement, and the Managed WordPress Hosting Terms & Conditions.


All support requests should be emailed to [email protected]. We use a web-based ticketing platform — HelpScout — to keep track of all incoming and outgoing support communications. This allows multiple members of our team to view and respond to requests.

You can log in to view all of your submitted tickets at This portal will allow you to see all support tickets that are linked with your email address.

Response times

Office hours: Our normal hours are 9am to 5pm ET Monday-Friday. During these hours, we strive to respond within 24 hours. For urgent issues, you'll hear from us by email within 30 minutes.

After-hours, weekends, and holidays: As a small team, we are not equipped to provide support after-hours, on weekends, or during holidays without prior arrangements being made (see rush & after-hours rates for more information). However, we can be reached by text for site outages only at 919-694-3141.

Customer and technical support is provided on a first-come, first-served and reasonable-effort basis. When contacting us, your request will be assigned a priority as detailed below:

Priority Example First Response Time*
Emergency Website/server outage < 30 minutes
High The issue is critical, preventing business as usual or it is a project warranty request < 4 hours
Medium The issue is not critical, but is time-sensitive < 12 hours
Neutral This request is not time-sensitive < 24 hours

Target completion times

The table below lists types of task requests we commonly receive, along with our target completion time. The timeframes below are in relation to when we have received all of the information we require (including your approval) to proceed. If a ticket needs to be completed before our standard target completion time, rush fees may apply.

Task Description/Examples Target Completion Time*
Add or update basic content Add a new blog post, add a new team member, change text on a page, add an image to a page, add a video to a page, modify navigation, update a form recipient <2 business days
Design requests Update template, change CSS, create new page layout (may require a custom quote) To be determined in custom quote
Email deliverability Emails from web forms are not being delivered or end up in spam folders < 1 business day
Install a plugin May involve: Evaluating plugin compatibility, installing plugin, configuring plugin < 1 week
Issue with website (not site outage) May be related to WordPress, a plugin, or theme. Issues may have varying degrees of complexity and the more complex ones may take longer to resolve. < 1 week
Modify DNS records Change SPF, MX, or TXT records; Add TXT, A, or CNAME record for subdomain < 1 business day
New feature This type of request can have varying degrees of complexity and functionality and may require a custom quote. To be determined in custom quote
Page redirects Remove, add, or update a page or domain redirect < 1 business days
Report out of analytics Providing a breakdown or report of your website’s usage or analytics data < 1 week
Site outage Website is down or unresponsive < 1 hour
Tracking code or conversion tracking Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, LinkedIn Insight Tag < 2 business days
User management Remove, add, or update a WordPress user account < 1 business day
Warranty ticket Bug or issue with website not working as intended, submitted during the warranty period of your project < 3 business days

*Please note that timeframes may vary based on the complexity or other factors.


Rush & after-hours rates

Our Rush Rate is $225 per hour. Our production team plans for a regular amount of support time each week, in addition to ongoing project work. If you need a ticket to be completed more quickly than our target completion times, it means we may need to bump another project out of the way to make room for your rush ticket. We charge our rush rate to do this.

Additionally, our normal hours are 9am to 5pm ET Monday-Friday. If you require services outside of these hours or on holidays, the work will be quoted at our rush rate.


When submitting a support request, you may request an estimate before approving our team to proceed with the work. If a request for an estimate is not received along with your support inquiry, our team will assume we have the approval to proceed with the request.

Unless otherwise agreed upon by both parties, all quotes provided by the support team are approximate hourly quotes. These are not fixed-price quotes, nor are they meant to be definite, and are subject to change. Our team does their best to provide an accurate estimate for work based on the details provided and meet those estimates. However, it is our policy to invoice for the actual time spent for work performed at our hourly rate, regardless of if it is higher or lower than the hourly estimate.

If a support request is complex, involves multiple members of our team, or is estimated to take longer than 5 hours to complete, we will transition the request from our support team to our sales team. The sales team will be able to provide a fixed-price quote for the work and will issue a Statement of Work (SOW) for signature before scheduling the work to begin.

Included support

If you have a maintenance plan with us, your website's standard maintenance is included within your plan. Standard maintenance includes updating WordPress core and plugins, managing the server, managing backups, and performing security checks.

At our discretion, we may not bill for:

  • Answering simple questions that take a team member less than 15 minutes to respond to.
  • Time for our team to put together estimates or quotes
  • Site restoration of backup in case of a hack or data loss
  • Providing access to your data
  • Adding/removing WordPress users
  • Follow ups on server maintenance that we initiated
  • Mistakes due to our negligence

For any additional needs, we will bill for our time.

Standard Plans include an additional 30 minutes of support time per month. Pro Plans include an additional 1 hour of support time per month. This included support time is applied as a “discount” and deducted from any billable support time on your invoices. Included support time does not roll over from month to month.


If you do not respond to our support team regarding your ticket within one (1) month, we will automatically close the ticket and send an invoice for any billable time.


Our standard hourly rate for support requests is $150, and we bill in fifteen (15) minute increments. We use Clockify to track our time on support tickets.

Invoices are sent at the beginning of each month for any billable tickets closed in the previous month. Payment is due within 15 days of receipt, unless otherwise agreed upon by both parties.


Payment can be made via bank transfer or check. Invoices include a link to pay via bank transfer. An ACH Authorization may be also completed to enable automatic payment drafts for recurring and/or non-recurring charges.

Credit card payments are possible when arranged in advance. Please note there is a 3% surcharge for any credit card transactions. To set up credit card payments, please contact [email protected].