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About Worldstouch

Founded in 2004, Worldstouch provides affordable Salesforce solutions to nonprofits across the U.S. and worldwide. CEO Trish Perkins desired a website that better represented her vibrant personality and rich experience, plus empowered her to grow at her own pace.


Our Objective

We set out to develop a quirky yet professional consulting website that expressed CEO Trish Perkins’s values and highlighted her extensive Salesforce experience.

How We Achieved It

  • Bright, bold colors
  • Narrative sections featuring vivid photography from Trish’s travels and client testimonials affirming her expertise
  • Simple, flexible page design
Screenshot 2023-09-11 at 11-56-02 WorldsTouch
Screenshot 2023-09-11 at 11-56-19 WorldsTouch
Portrait of Trish colorized with a purple to orange gradient in front of a large quotes artwork

I needed a website that looked more like a professional consultant than a world traveler who mentioned Salesforce from time to time on her blog.

The folks at Unity tuned right into who I am and what message I'm trying to get across as a professional consultant. They made a beautiful site that reflected the fact that they'd been truly listening to me, to what I wanted and needed.

I love my new website. The partnership with Unity was exactly what a partnership should be. I'm grateful to have found that team!"

Trish Perkins, CEO, Worldstouch

More About this Project

After getting to know Trish, we discovered the two biggest things that needed to be reflected on the new Worldstouch website were her experience and her personality.

Worldstouch was built on the fundamental belief that world peace can be achieved through deep intercultural understanding and learning. Trish has traveled the world serving nonprofits by exchanging her expertise for transportation, housing, and meal expenses.

Our goal was to design a consulting website that showcased Trish’s skills, as evidenced by her extensive international work, and authentically expressed her vibrant personality, which is part of what makes Worldstouch unique.

Trish knew how to manage a WordPress website, so she didn’t need much training from us, but we wanted to make sure our design was flexible enough for her to conveniently add and update content.

Listen to Trish Perkins on the Inside Impact Podcast

Tune in to hear our founder & CEO, Alisa, chat with Trish about:

  • The motivation behind Worldstouch’s business model.
  • Unique Salesforce solutions implemented in India, Cambodia, and Nepal.
  • How Salesforce’s commitment to equity and inclusion has influenced and impacted the work of Worldstouch.
  • Perkins’ pursuit of world peace through building international friendships.