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About EdNC

EdNC works to expand educational opportunities for children in North Carolina by providing nonpartisan data, research, news, and analysis about major trends and issues in education.


Our Objective

With this website revamp, we prioritized improving the navigation and search functionality so that visitors could find pertinent resources more quickly, and making the writing, editing, and publishing process easier for EdNC’s team of journalists.

How We Achieved It

  • Streamlined the content management experience by leveraging WordPress’s new block editor, Gutenberg
  • Intuitive content organization
  • Implemented usability improvements to decrease page load time
Screenshot 2023-05-30 at 3.00.35 PM
Screenshot 2023-05-30 at 3.02.03 PM

Unity builds websites that work for people — the people who use them and the people who need the information on them.

The team at Unity has iterated our website time and time again to make sure our news platform is industry-leading. Alisa is the most creative web developer I have ever met, the rare leader who can combine vision with elegant code to create impact for those she works with and believes in.”

Mebane Rash, CEO, EdNC

More About this Project

Prior to founding Unity Web Agency, Alisa was the CTO at EdNC. So this website holds a special place in our hearts here at Unity!

EdNC had expanded quite a bit since its inception in 2015, so when we started working with their team in 2019 they were ready for a fresh take on the website’s content organization. Readers needed to be able to find the information they want in a simple way without having to waste time clicking. 

We guided the EdNC team in developing a streamlined approach to article naming and categorization, which created a better content organization system, and we introduced the Gutenberg block editor, which standardized post structure and made it quick and easy for anyone to format an article.

To further enhance the user experience, we updated the site’s robust navigation menu and supported EdNC in archiving unused pages. The result is a cleaner, faster news site! Our team continues to support EdNC with incremental improvements to keep the website at the top of its game.